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Lincolnshire Athletics Association Road Running County Championships

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Lincolnshire Athletics Association Road Section are pleased to announce the introduction of the 2023 Lincolnshire Athletics Association Road Running County Championships.

The 2023 edition of the Lincolnshire AA Road Running County Championships will be incorporated into the following races. Our grateful thanks to the individual race organisers for their support.


5km - Lincoln Wellington AC 5K Series (Race 3) - Tuesday 25 July 2023 - Yarborough, Lincoln

5M - Bassingham Bash - Saturday 5 August 2023 - Bassingham

10km - West Pinchbeck 10k - Sunday 1 October 2023 - West Pinchbeck

10M tbc

For more information contact our Road secretary Darren Harley -


To be eligible for the Lincolnshire Athletics Association Road Running County Championships, you must either be a resident of Lincolnshire for at least 9 months or born in the county. 
Athletes who enter a Lincolnshire AA County Championship race on the day will still be eligible.
Athletes must wear the vest of their first claim affiliated club, their County or National vest, or any other representative vest approved by UKA.

The following is an extract of UK Athletics Rules for Competition:

1. English County Qualification

(1) County Championships are open to all eligible athletes possessing a County qualification.

(2) A County qualification may be acquired as follows:
(a) By birth
(b) By nine month’s continuous bona fide residence in the County immediately prior to the competition.
(c) By service in a Unit of HM Forces stationed in the County for nine months immediately prior to the date of the competition. Temporary absence on duty shall not break a qualification acquired under this paragraph

NOTE 2: Membership of a Club affiliated to a County Association does not, of itself, provide an athlete with a County qualification unless at least one of (a) – (c) above is satisfied.

(3) Competitors who have qualified and competed, under (2) b or (2) c above retain that qualification until they have acquired a residential qualification and competed in the Championship of another County, or represented another County in an Inter-County Championship.

(4) A student at school, college or university does not acquire a residential qualification by residential qualification by residence in the County during term time only.

(5) An athlete who has competed in a County Championship or represented a County in an Inter-County competition, may not compete in the Championships of, nor represent, another County in that Competition Year.